Easy Board Ordered

This morning I was able to get the easy button board all finished and ordered from OSH Park. I got a little lazy and didn’t try rounding the sides of the board. It looks like the rectangular board should work fine. I’ll find out soon whether or not that was a mistake… Three copies of this board for under $15!

Easy PCB

Almost right away, I got an email saying that my board has been assigned to the panel for the 27th. As long as they get enough orders this weekend, my board should be manufactured Monday!

Oh–and also another potential mistake is that I didn’t actually test this circuit before ordering it. I did pretty much just copy the sample from the datasheet, so it should work, but I didn’t actually test it to make sure. Part of it is laziness since the chip comes in an SOIC-16 package only and I didn’t feel like mounting one to a breakout board to breadboard it. I hope this all works…

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