Board has arrived!!!!

It’s been only 9 days since I ordered boards, 4 of which were weekend days and yet I already have them in my hands!

Easy Board V1


But, it turns out there are a few problems with them. The speaker, mic, battery, and switch were all supposed to be through hole and I thought they looked correct on the 3D view of KiCad, but ended up being SMD pads. I can make this work for testing, but it’s certainly not ideal. I’ll have to go back and look to see what went wrong.

The second problem is a little bigger. I took the shortcut of not rounding the edges of the board. Looks like that was a mistake as the board doesn’t quite fit in the button:

Bad Fitting BoardIt isn’t entirely clear from that, but the edge of the board are catching on the button, so I can’t press it all the way down. For reference, here’s what the board that came with the button looks like:

Original Easy BoardWith those corners cut off, the board slides all the way down. Oh well–I can still use these boards to make sure the circuit works. I’ve already checked to make sure that the button that came with mounts properly. I’ll test to make sure that the pads I drew for it works properly. And I can see that the mounting holes are in the correct place:

Mounted Easy V1And now I know that when I order version 2 of the boards, they’ll show up FAST! I’m still just amazed that OSH Park got me these boards as fast as they did for under $15 for the three of them!




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