Board fixed

While looking at the board today, I realized that it wasn’t just some holes that didn’t get drilled, it was ALL of them that weren’t mounting holes. So, none of my vias worked, so I can’t use this board to do testing of the actual circuit. 🙁

But, I did have time to fix all the problems I know about. I fixed the shape to cut off the edges so it should fit in the board. I increased the track size for the power rails because those seemed way too small to me. And I figured out how to combine the PTH and NPTH drill files into a single file so OSH Park can use it properly. Now that I understand better what I’m looking at, this board looks correct to me:


At least I can see all the drill holes now. Fortunately I got it ordered in time for tomorrow’s panel. Hopefully that one will get manufactured according to schedule and I’ll get the fixed board back quickly!

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